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GDI|Explorer is a production proven, afforable and scalable system that provides digital entertainment projects with unprecedented organization, communication and workflow tools. Read more

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Cirque|Digital is proud to announce version 2.0 of its flagship asset and information management system, GDI|Explorer. This production proven, afforable and scalable system provides digital entertainment projects with unprecedented organization, communication and workflow tools. GDI|Explorer is designed for creative individuals, workgroups collaborating on-site or via the internet as well as large studios operating worldwide.

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  "[...] It is an amazing tool [...]"  

  Academy Award winning
  VFX Supervisor
  Tim McGovern on GDI|Explorer


Over the past 18 months, GDI|Explorer has been the weapon of choice for high-end visual effects productions such as the upcoming Warner Brothers' sci-fi feature "A Sound of Thunder". For this production, GDI|Explorer managed 15 terabytes of data and information, and coordinated work between eight facilities world-wide. Read more

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We at Cirque|Digital, LLC do not believe that quality software should be expensive. Powerful organizational tools are even more important for small and medium sized companies than they are for large corporations that can afford to build in-house tools. We have priced GDI|Explorer very aggressively according to this philosophy. Read more

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GDI|Explorer provides a scalable solution to your asset management needs. GDI|Explorer's built-in knowledge about digital production allows to start a production with nothing but a laptop, yet grow into a worldwide collaboration of many facilities managing terabytes of data. Read more

Out of the box GDI|Explorer is based on and comes loaded with organizational structures and naming conventions used in Hollywood's professional entertainment industry! Now individuals and smaller facilities can easily work like large scale production facilities! Read more